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DAYVID Bio 2024

Acclaimed Pop Artist DAYVID Makes Triumphant Return with New Single “Always the Friend”


Music Talkers highlights DAYVID's journey and his latest release, emphasizing the artist's resilience and creativity in his new single.


Electro Wow praises DAYVID's comeback with "Always the Friend," shedding light on the single's impact and the artist's growth.


The Industry Times explores DAYVID's inspiring journey back to the music scene, marking his comeback with the release of "Always the Friend."


Growth Illustrated features an article on "Always the Friend," describing it as a testament to DAYVID's resilience and artistic evolution.


Disrupt Weekly covers the unveiling of DAYVID's new single, highlighting the significance of "Always the Friend" in the artist's comeback.


Popular Hustle discusses DAYVID's collaboration with industry elites for his comeback single "Always the Friend," showcasing his growth and evolution as an artist.


Hustle Informer reflects on DAYVID's self-reflection and evolution, which shine through in his new single "Always the Friend."

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